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Tarot Reading Styles

The "Virtually Genuine" Difference

Your life isn't randomly generated or predetermined, so why settle for Tarot readings that are?

Our Tarot readings have consistently set the standard and raised the bar for online authenticity, but even behind the scenes our Tarot readings are unique. Taking Tarot on a quantum leap into the 21st century, we've synthesized custom simulation programming with proprietary algorithms to enable actual Tarot cards to remain virtually linked to the card images on your screen just as they would be on a table in front of you.

Your Tarot Subscription provides you with various reading styles when performing your readings --

Fully Interactive

Our interactive process allows you to shuffle, cut and select your cards, engaging you personally in the interactive process of your reading -- front to back and beginning to end. You can even "refresh" the deck before you shuffle to restore the order of the cards to their "new in box" state or simply pick up the order where the last reading left off. This, together with our in-depth, painstakingly written, upright, reversed, category and position specific interpretations, and relevant, practical advice, allows your reading to unfold in real time to provide the "virtually genuine" difference that naturally makes for a more authentic, empowering tarot reading experience.

Our Virtual Reader

You may wish to let our Virtual Reader shuffle, cut and select your cards for you -- still using the same "virtually genuine" process that provides a more authentic reading experience.

Instant Advice

You may want to get right to the advice -- let our "virually genuine" reader do her thing totally behind the scenes, providing immediate guidance as you need it.

free tarot email readings
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