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Jo-Anne Penn
Jo-Anne Penn

Greetings! My name is Jo-Anne Penn but you can call me Jo. I had created and maintained the Tarot for for over a decade, and created TarotAdvice some years before that. I'm not a psychic nor a mystical guru. In fact, I see the Tarot as a revelation of the science of life for the art of living. It's an archetypal pattern language -- a universal tool for communication and personal prediction that simultaneously contains and reveals both the profound secret Code and the simple access Keys to understanding the unfolding process and natural orders of life and love. It's this modern and accessible paradigm that has changed the standard and perceptions about what online Tarot was, and can be.

My intent is to continue to make Tarot accessible by anyone, anytime as a valid, practical, and predictive tool for improving relationships, boosting confidence, personal exploration, and empowered decision-making -- or just for fun!

Readings By Jo-Anne Penn

2020 TAROT FORECAST -- 13 cards -- What do the cards hold for you in 2020? Discover the possibilities and potential paths to help make 2020 your best year ever!...more.

CELTIC CROSS -- 12 cards -- Get to the "crux" of the matter with this traditional spread....more.

LOVE'S CHOICES -- 11 cards -- There's more at stake now, so take an intensive look into your relationships with this fresh perspective to reveal recurring themes and new opportunities that can help you to make more confident decisions -- because this time it could be for keeps....more.

BIG PICTURE -- 8 cards -- Success is relative to happiness. Explore the direction of your present course to reinforce your goals, rev up your performance or make a change with the fresh perspective....more.

LOVE'S SECRETS -- 8 cards -- Give your love life new sizzle! Discover true romance and intimacy. Make a new love connection, reinvent your relationship and transform your love life. Tarot knows your deepest secrets -- isn't it time you did too?...more.

LOVE MATTERS -- 1 card -- A great daily reading that provides support for achieving positive results in the game of love....more.

STRAIGHT TALK -- 1 card -- Straight talk and motivation to help you move past the turning point or through the crisis -- includes practical advice for tough decision-making....more.

FRIEND OR FOE -- 3 cards -- While seeing through other eyes can put you on alert or expose new awareness, spying on an influential personality (nemesis or attraction) may interfere and reveal more about your shadow-self or a fear of how others might see you than you'd like....more.

RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT (TWO-PERSON) -- 1 card -- Stuck in a romantic pit stop? Green light your next move or throw down the caution flag to take a last lap around a vicious cycle. Great for couples at a crossroads looking for a quickie jump-start....more.

LOVE KNOWS -- 3 cards -- Find out how it all comes together and look ahead into romantic trends to see what you could expect from pursuing your current relationship or making a new commitment....more.

LOVERS' EXPRESS (TWO-PERSON) -- 3 cards -- Rev up your journey and make the romantic connection together! Look ahead to potential crossroads, distant destinations, and discover intimate detours as you navigate your way to true love....more.

LOVERS' LANE (TWO-PERSON) -- 7 cards -- Take an intimate journey with your beloved and see what lies on the horizon! Discover shortcuts to conflict resolution and be guided through inevitable twists and turns to better navigate towards relationship fulfillment....more.

LUCKY IN LOVE -- 6 cards -- Get to the heart of the matter to reveal your romantic potential and uncover intimate secrets and relationship strategies for getting lucky!...more.

DAILY ILLUMINATION -- 3 cards -- Get the most out of present circumstances with this great anytime reading....more.

POWER OF LOVE -- 1 card -- Determine and direct developments your way to make a love connection or transform your relationships....more.

LOVE'S REVELATIONS -- 5 cards -- Wondering if he is Mr. Right? Torn by indecision? The cards may hold the answer and can calm the confusion that comes from within! Let your heart lead the way....more.

CELTIC LOVE -- 6 cards -- Get to the heart of your current relationship or romantic concern....more.

DAILY ADVISOR -- 2 cards -- Secure a more positive outlook and outcome by peeking into the potential connections and influences that can affect your expected results....more.

LOVERS' ROAD TRIP (TWO-PERSON) -- 13 cards -- Don't go it alone! Take an in-depth, intimate detour with your beloved and follow the signs to see curves up ahead or reveal secret shortcuts for making a new love connection....more.

PERSONAL POWER -- 1 card -- Use your power of choice to do it your way! This is a great quickie motivator for confirming direction and achieving your everyday goals....more.

DAILY GRIND -- 5 cards -- Take some time today to put things in perspective and look ahead to find out how to improve performance, achieving better results in the things that really matter most to you....more.

JUST A QUICKIE -- 2 cards -- Secure a romantic connection or make your getaway with practical suggestions for achieving desired relationship results....more.

LOVE FOR TWO IN THE NEW YEAR (TWO-PERSON) -- 5 cards -- In the coming year, find out what's in the cards for you and your special someone! Could it be for keeps?...more.

PRIORITY SHUFFLE -- 5 cards -- Clock's ticking! Re-energize your performance and find out if it's time to make a change with strategies for helping you negotiate daily stress or staying focused on your goals and achieving the results you intend....more.

LOVE IN THE NEW YEAR -- 4 cards -- Will it be "out with the old and in with the new"? Find out what's coming up and make a romantic resolution or love connection you'll want to stick with....more.

LOVER'S POTION -- 7 cards -- Uncover passionate secrets and magic formulas for getting it right this time around. What are you waiting for?...more.

ROMANTIC CHALLENGE -- 7 cards -- Does your relationship pass the test? Discover recurring themes and look ahead to reveal opportunities for bringing romance back into your life....more.

WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? -- 1 card -- Review the situation or relationship hanging in the balance to predict solutions or avoid conflicting missteps....more.

MIRROR, MIRROR -- 3 cards -- Explore some coming-of-age-reflections, spy on inner workings of an influential nemesis or attraction, friend or foe, and view your situation through other eyes to gain confidence or find resolution....more.

A NEW YOU IN THE NEW YEAR -- 4 cards -- Resolved to ring in a New You? Take a look back to look ahead and find out which upcoming developments can help you out with the old, or "let it go" gracefully. ...more.

LOVER'S TRIANGLE -- 11 cards -- Caught in a love triangle? Or are you considering making a decision that will change your love life? Do some in-depth exploration of your relationship with this insightful reading. Love doesn't have to be such a struggle. Let the wisdom of tarot show you the way to bliss!...more.

BALANCING ACT -- 8 cards -- It all adds up! Look back to look ahead and gain insight to enhance your relationship or make a new love connection -- because more confident choices equal more effective results....more.

EXTREME MAKEOVER -- 12 cards -- Truth is Beauty! This intensive starting over reading can help you uncover the true nature of your passionate strength and inner beauty, and awaken your inner goddess to renew your spirit from the inside out!...more.

BEFORE AND AFTER -- 2 cards -- Review an influential starting point and peek ahead to a big reveal....more.

free tarot email readings
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