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Paul O'Mara
Paul O'Mara

As a hereditary Irish Tarot reader, I have been fascinated with self development and belief systems my entire life. A famous west country mystic Madame Tamar, sadly no longer with us, told my mother all about me before I was born. When I finally met this amazing lady my fascination became an obsession. Around this time, my sister, herself as talented reader and counsellor, gifted me my first Tarot deck, and as the figures on the painted cards danced before me a powerful transition occurred. I had discovered my destiny. One thing I have learned is that whatever you believe in, believe in yourself first.

Readings By Paul O'Mara

7 DAY -- 7 cards -- ...more.

ASTROLOGICAL -- 13 cards -- ...more.

BIRTHDAY -- 9 cards -- ...more.

CELTIC CROSS -- 10 cards -- ...more.

CROSS AND TRIANGLE -- 9 cards -- ...more.

MANDALA -- 9 cards -- ...more.

PLANETARY -- 8 cards -- ...more.

RELATIONSHIP -- 9 cards -- ...more.

STAR -- 6 cards -- ...more.

TREE OF LIFE -- 10 cards -- ...more.

free tarot email readings
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