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Our service allows you to upload images of up to three of your favorite decks for use in your personal readings. And it's easy -- for each deck, simply select images stored on your computer for each card. The standard card names are next to the fields where you browse and choose which image you have that corresponds to that particular card. You can also specify a different name for each card in your deck should it not match the standard name provided. Once you have uploaded all your card images for a particular deck, you may then select it from the deck preferences on the "myPreferences" page. Otherwise, you can always choose that deck while doing a reading.

For best results, please follow these guidelines:

Each image must be .jpg format under 3MB in size, at least 216 pixels wide and 378 pixels high. If your image height-to-width ratio is different, the images may appear a bit compressed in one direction. Unless you already have digital card images available, you will need to take a picture of each card to make images ready for upload. Try to have the card image completely fill the camera or phone view area to minimize whitespace. If you have a lot of whitespace on any side, you may crop it out prior to uploading by using any basic photo editing software program. It may take a few minutes to do a complete upload once the deck is submitted. You don't need to upload all the card images together, and you may do it one at a time or in small batches, but all the images will need to be uploaded before you can use that deck in your readings.

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free tarot email readings
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