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Understanding Your Life Symbol Cards

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Beyond your Life Symbol cards, aspects of the Magician card exist in you at all times. This is the card of your conscious will, effort, personal power, transformation, and communication -- it is the means by which all things in your life are achieved. This power becomes evident when you come up great ideas and then put them into action. People turn around and you've created or started something new -- they may be in awe of this personal power. Being willing to try new things or take risks comes from a belief in the ability to shape your own destiny or make your own way. At times, you may have the magic touch, are self-reliant, and can really make a difference and transform any situation once you set your intention and focus on the goal.

If you are utilizing your Magician towards positive ends, then you will probably see yourself in the positive aspects of the Life Symbol card interpretations. Otherwise, you may see the results or consequences of not accepting responsibility, or of not following through. Since no one is only one way all the time, more often than not, you may see aspects of yourself in both the upright and reversed interpretations provided.

Some of the Life Symbol interpretations may not appear to "fit" you at first glance, but chances are you can discover a common thread within them that you can apply to your own life. Keep in mind that while this is designed to be an entertaining look at you or your loved one's personality or annual predictions, there are, among others, genuine numerological, psychological, sociological, historical, and/or astrological connections that are made. The information presented can be quite realistic, accurate, and helpful.

A very useful, and highly recommended exercise would be to take the phrases, interpretations, or words provided here, then write down, in a stream of consciousness, or even list form, other words, people, characters, stories, concepts, places, or phrases that come to mind in connection with the guidelines that were originally provided. A subtle, but definite pattern will begin to emerge, and you might be surprised by the often quite accurate connection that is made between you and your cards.

Once you recognize the factors that motivate you in your Personality Motivator Card (PMC), or the traits that help to identify who you are meant to be, you may discover that you have been resisting your path, or going about it the wrong way, and don't be surprised if this awareness brings a proclamation of "aha!"

Use your PMC as a basis from which to view any future tarot readings. It may become easier to set more PMC appropriate goals, and determine how best to proceed in order to protect your own best interests. You may finally be able to let go of guilt, resentment, or blame, and begin to fulfill your potential, overcome obstacles, and find true love, genuine happiness, and acceptance of self.

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