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To gain access to the tremendous knowledge of your Higher Self, you must quiet the mind that "thinks" so that you can listen to the part that "knows." Sit comfortably. Clear your thoughts. Take a deep breath and as you inhale, hear and see in your mind the word "inhale." Carefully phrase your question, and then begin...

The basic steps to perform your Reading:
• Choose a reader from the drop-down list.
• Choose a spread of your chosen reader from the drop-down list.
• Choose a deck from the drop-down list.
• Type a question or issue that is on your mind and in need of clarification and/or guidance (optional).

Decide whether you would like to:
 Do an instant reading for immediate advice,
 Let our virtual Reader perform the card shuffling, cut and selection for you, or
 Perform the interactive card shuffling, cut and selection yourself.
Begin the interpretation portion of the reading once the cards are displayed in their positions:
• If hidden, click on the back of any card in the reading to reveal it.
• Click on a revealed card to view its interpretations and enlarged image for close-up viewing.
• Continue for any other cards in the reading.
• Mouse over a position name (under each card) for a description of that position within the reading
• You can click on the background drop-down menu to change the background for your reading.
• You can click on the deck drop-down menu to change the deck for your reading.

 Settings -- change your default reading preferences at any time (reader, spread, deck, background, background color, etc.)
 Start New Reading -- begin a new Tarot reading.
 Reading Report -- view and/or print your complete reading at any time.
  Reading Journal -- allows you to write, print and save any notes about this particular reading.
    Click on any of the colored diamonds to change the background color to any one that you prefer. (Note: black = transparent)
Frequently Asked Questions

How to I form my question or line of questioning?

Tarot readings are most responsive, accurate and empowering when you give yourself enough time and attention to form your line of questioning in a positive tone and with consideration for your personal intentions, responsibility, level of involvement or direct connection. An example of such a question or concern related to finding love, for instance, might be: "What do I need to know today in order to make myself available to recognizing my soul mate?" A negative or "should" question, such as "why are my dates such losers" or "should we get back together" might be rephrased to ask: "what is it about my own expectations or worth that continues to recreate the same rejection or disappointment?"

Sometimes, no matter how hard we attempt to focus on or pose a specific question, our mind, body, spirit, or heart has other things that need attention and they will continue to try to find ways to be heard, including information that could come through a tarot reading that may otherwise seem to be unrelated to a direct question. If you discover this to be the case, just go with it and let your line of questioning remain open to whatever you might need to know to start the day, handle or clarify a situation, make the most of an opportunity, resolve conflict, achieve benefits in your best interests, connect to results, and so on, or according to your needs.

This method can be especially effective if you accept that inside or intuitively, you already know the answer or believe that you have access to everything you need to create or intend your day to its full purpose. For the same reason that you might seek validation however, take care not to limit your options with self-restricting or pre-existing judgments, assumptions, excuses, or interference. Also, remember that asking questions that give your power away or that attempt to shift accountability might return a reading that says more about fear, pain, insecurity, nosiness, boredom, or a victim mentality than anything else you might have been hoping to uncover.

When a particular spread doesn't appear to be addressing a desired outcome, try to set aside any direct questioning, position or other labels and let each card unfold freely, making connections in succession by gathering from each what you might need to know about the previous card's information. When pulled together they may offer up a story that might speak to you more clearly. Trying this alternate might be more insightful for refining or understanding the key to your authentic heart's desire.

This approach or open-ended line of questioning creates an opportunity for immediate, flexible or on-the-fly clarification or enabling you to test and refine, alter perspective, gain confidence, or track progress and emerging patterns for a broader understanding of what works for you or to find out what's going on in a variety of areas in your life.

Remember that above all else our Tarot is an inspired tool designed for living life in progress. In fact, our Unlimited Tarot Advice is like having a full tool chest at your disposal, but like any other tool, it can only have value and effect when used for its intended purpose or job -- so no matter how much you might hope otherwise, a hammer, for example, is never going to build the house for you.

*Please note that while our Tarot readings can be a valuable tool for personal growth, transformation, empowerment, and even prediction in the moment, they are not a directive of what "should" or will be done, nor are they designed for passive problem solving, or for absolving yourself of making responsible decisions -- as they can only reveal what you already know or what you may need to know about events or circumstances in which you are directly involved. While they can supplement or validate traditional or other forms of self improvement and discovery or transform your outlook or perspective, our tarot readings are not substitutes for qualified professional, medical, legal, psychological, or financial advice.
Why didn't the reading answer my question?

There are times when the Tarot has advice or answers that seem unrelated to your situation, yet actually may be trying to tell you something else to which you should pay attention. So take a second look -- you may discover advice that you find useful in your life!

How do I choose or change the deck for my Reading?

We have a large library of decks from which to choose. The deck best suited to you is a matter of personal taste, and one with images that speak most clearly to you. Once your cards are selected and arranged in the spread, you may choose a new deck for your reading at any time through the deck drop-down menu that is available at the top of your reading screen. Click here to view images from our decks.

How can I use my own personal deck(s) in my Readings?

As a subscriber, you can use your own personal decks images in your readings. In "myPreferences", click "Edit" > click on "myOwn Decks" and follow the instructions for uploading. This gives you the opportunity to better connect with your readings using images that are most familiar to you.

How do I write my own interpretations to use in my readings?

As a subscriber, you can use your own personally-composed interpretations in your readings. In "myPreferences", click "Edit" > "myOwn" (under "Interpretations") to create or update your entries.
What if my reading seems to stop working?

Once in a while, your reading may seem to pause for a long period of time with the wait indicator spinning in the lower right corner. Most likely it's that your Internet connection had been interrupted at some point during communication with our servers causing your reading to stall. After a period of two minutes, it's most likely that the reading has paused indefinitely due to a communication error. Refreshing your browser will reload the reading page. If a new reading begins instead of the reading that you were performing, get back to that reading by clicking the "myReadings" link in the top menu to go to your Reading History page, then click "View" next to that reading displayed in your history.
free tarot email readings
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