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Steps to Success

Did you know at most you're only six degrees of separation from finding a solution, reinventing yourself, or reaching your goal -- and that sometimes you're just a quantum leap away? It's just a matter of learning to recognize connections and synchronize re-circulating patterns to create bridges between yourself, your relationships, and your living environment.

To that end, our Tarot reading process can help you look ahead to meet the opportunity, break it down to find a lead thread when your "ball of yarn" is a mess, and search around for a clear coast before you make any decisions.

It also works to validate and re-energize your perspective to provide more sustainable resolve about how to support the life and love you want for the future -- maybe encouraging you to have a little more fun with it as you go.

It works for me. I know it will work for you too!

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Hi. My name is Jo-Anne Penn. I'm not a psychic (I don't think), nor a mystical guru. In fact, I'm more than usually ordinary -- I know first-hand how to endure crisis and still maintain extraordinary hope for the future because I can predict things which empower me to make confident decisions that strengthen my spirit, resolve and faith -- and so can you!

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Zest in Quest

If you've come here looking for something or someone to believe in, start by taking a look in a mirror because you're stronger, smarter, and more resourceful than you might think. Along your Tarot journey you'll be motivated to sort out your inner Super Hero from your Nemesis to learn how to project a more authentic, self-affirming confidence that is a truer reflection of your own power and worth.

And because restoring "zest in quest" is transformative -- finding your groove is not only gratifying, but lets you radiate a greater degree of independence, natural beauty, and trust in yourself and your relationships, which can become an inspiration to others.

Added Advantage

Our Unlimited Tarot Advice subscribers have the added advantage of being able to do readings at will and on a whim via our open door policy to all readings, all categories, all features (including our mobile Tarot), and all Tarot decks -- all the time. Such freedom also includes access to a personal online journal and reading history for tracking progress and emerging patterns in order to refine or validate connections and facilitate a broader awareness of what specifically works for you.


The Tarot can be a valuable tool for personal prediction and empowerment, but it is not designed for passive problem solving or a directive of what "should" or will be done. It is also not designed to be a substitute for qualified professional, medical, legal, psychological, or financial advice; law enforcement or emergency services; a formal education, or genuine human interaction.

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